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Been very busy with so many projects but just have to post/re-post this.

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Learn Illustrator...please | A complete reference of Adobe Illustrator Shortcut Key

To be able to become a true graphic designer, it is extremely necessary to at least learn the so-called "Triangle of Graphic Design Tools".

While sometimes we hear some IT men claim that they are graphic designer after learning Photoshop, it is as it is. Just a claim. While we totally appreciate their work, we also want them to be "complete" of their graphical tools arsenal to be able to really claim that title. I say "complete" because these are just the tools. And by no means you can be complete without your fundamental foundation, creativity & insight among other things.

The three must-learn tools are (not necessarily in the order of importance);
1. Photoshop - Of course for image editing and all that stuff.
2. Illustrator - For creating logo and vector graphics.
3. InDesign - For doing web and print layout professionally.

And to jumpstart your Illustrator learning process, memorize and use the shortcut keys.
And what a better way to do that but by having…

Experimental Magazine

Not many realized the impact of the contribution of font designers to the reading pleasure and the appeal of reading, much less remember the font names . Whether we enjoy an article, an Ad, a poster, brochure, magazine, graffiti, logo identity, business card and stationaries on print, mobile and on web (among others), we are indebted to the passionate and dedicated artists of present and of long ago behind the high art of font design and typography. This experimental magazine is a tribute to the designers of the few good fonts.

Logo Design Inspiration

Let's admit it. Design inspirations from any (conceivable&unconceivable) sources are always most welcome to fuel our design passion and to keep the fire burning as they say. Even the pain can be a source of inspiration, say that to Mr. Jon Bongiovi. Devoid of inspirations, an artist may find himself tight and locked up. 

As I dug into the design minefield, I found these two very interesting collection of Logo Designs that will surely save yourself from missing the deadlines and costly graphic design books from Fully-Booked, National Bookstore and Powerbooks. Eighty designs. Just TwoLinks. Consult them often.

Peek Behind The Design

When we see a Brand, a Logo we rarely think of the design process that it has gone through. 
Unless of course if you possess a 'keen eye' on visuals. It is so enlightening to peek into the background of what goes on behind the finished product and find the rationale and some justifications behind the design. It is also an exciting experience to know the designer's perspective on issues at hand and how he came up with the idea.

On this blog, I will be searching those gems and try to present to you in a simple manner. A good resource for those just starting in graphics design this topic would become.
For a start, have you ever wondered how Google came up with their (now) very identifiable and famous Logo?
You will be amazed and at the same time be appreciative of how the designer toiled for this Logo design project.

Read the full text here.

Another good read about Google's Logo evolution can be found at Wikipedia. Here's the link, On-Click.

Old vs New: Logo Re-Creation is the Fad!

If you look around, someting is happening in the creative world that keeps the designer's coffee hot and warm. Everybody is in the Logo Makeover mode! well, not everybody. But in the local and international scene, a changing 'brandscape' is happening just under the hood. Pepsi has just quietly launched the new and modern Pepsi which keeps the debate still raging on on the critical mind's who's who of the design industry. The mortal question is still in the oven and on fire, What do you think of the new Pepsi Logo? Which is better, the old one or the new one?

The Pepsi debate 'war' is not over yet and look who's in the arena; Seattle Best Coffee!
I have here the image of the New vs the Old Logo of Seattle's Best Coffee grabbed from for you to see and decide which of the Logos represent the Brand very well. Fell free to leave your comment as freely as you can as this…