Monday, May 31, 2010

Old vs New: Logo Re-Creation is the Fad!

If you look around, someting is happening in the creative world that keeps the designer's coffee hot and warm. Everybody is in the Logo Makeover mode! well, not everybody. But in the local and international scene, a changing 'brandscape' is happening just under the hood. Pepsi has just quietly launched the new and modern Pepsi which keeps the debate still raging on on the critical mind's who's who of the design industry. The mortal question is still in the oven and on fire, What do you think of the new Pepsi Logo? Which is better, the old one or the new one?

The Pepsi debate 'war' is not over yet and look who's in the arena; Seattle Best Coffee!
I have here the image of the New vs the Old Logo of Seattle's Best Coffee grabbed from for you to see and decide which of the Logos represent the Brand very well. Fell free to leave your comment as freely as you can as this may entitle you for a free cup of coffee at Seattle's Best! Joke.
What do you think of the new Seattle's Best Logo? Is it better than the Old Logo? From a design perspective, do you think a makeover is in order?
Let your voice be heard . . .


Another famous logo that quietly undergone major changes on its Logo design is Pepsi. Being much older than Seattle's Best, Pepsi claims millions (billions?) of followers and believers and it is one of the most recognizable logos on the planet. Maybe, even in the outer space! (The International Space Station had Pepsi Logo painted on it before). Therefore, any tweaking to the brand, icon, and packaging, receives enough reaction from its core and die-hard customers and equally the same amount of criticism from the competitors.
Whatever the case and the reason behind the new design, as designers, YOU OUTTA KNOW!

So what do you think of the new Pepsi Logo design, LOVE it or HATE it?

The New Pepsi Look

or Which of the Pepsi Logo designs you like most?

Join the discussion here or
go to the site for much in-depth discussion and see what others think and have said about the new logo.
Prepare to be mind-dissected.

The Pepsi Logo through the years . . .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Online Projects

Been very busy lately with a new packaging design project and just finished a text-intensive tri-fold leaflet for another Health Company, all in a month's work including product photoshoot.

During the lull, I decided to peek into the world of Online Jobs Opportunity and see what's available for a Creative Designer like me. I say, a plenty of platform exists for us and each one has its on pros and cons. Others would let you bill an every hour of work you put into the project and a guaranteed payment for every hour worked. If some of you attacked the design process like mine, some hours are spent on researching, while sketching works would eat up a heck of a time studying design possibilities on the design brief before facing the digital workstation, then, most of your working hours won't be recorded - you won't get paid for those countless hours you've pour in for the project. I say, this kind of approach doesn't fit perfectly with me, but may work for most people.

There are workplaces also that feel similar to an Auction Site. Here you will bid for projects posted on their site. You are going to compete with designers around the world, outhustling each other for price war. Most buyers would go to the 'lower bids' but there are smart and savvy buyers who don't go with the norm but instead look for a perfect 'balance' between the price and the quality of work. Yes, those people exists. The latter can be a good designer's 'friend'.


Online Jobs may sound like all work, but not, really. For example, most of the time you will find them very professional, easy to work with, respectful and sometimes friendly. I haven't meet yet the 'very friendly' type (I will write about him/her when I meet one for sure), but those friendly persons (we treat them as boss) are worth mentioning ( and maybe linking? ). There is such a man from UK who let me design a web logo for his website. The site are not yet complete but you can access it already. The name of the site is quite long, but very interesting. I am looking forward to the contents of this site. I'll write more about this site once it is complete but for the meantime you can access it here.