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Learn Illustrator...please | A complete reference of Adobe Illustrator Shortcut Key

To be able to become a true graphic designer, it is extremely necessary to at least learn the so-called "Triangle of Graphic Design Tools".

While sometimes we hear some IT men claim that they are graphic designer after learning Photoshop, it is as it is. Just a claim. While we totally appreciate their work, we also want them to be "complete" of their graphical tools arsenal to be able to really claim that title. I say "complete" because these are just the tools. And by no means you can be complete without your fundamental foundation, creativity & insight among other things.

The three must-learn tools are (not necessarily in the order of importance);
1. Photoshop - Of course for image editing and all that stuff.
2. Illustrator - For creating logo and vector graphics.
3. InDesign - For doing web and print layout professionally.

And to jumpstart your Illustrator learning process, memorize and use the shortcut keys.
And what a better way to do that but by having…