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This is the Mulberry Tree Icon Logo. You can see the actual application of the combined Name & Icon Logo on the Labels and Packaging title above. By changing the fills/strokes color, the logo can be applied to other mulberry products while retaining the uniformity aspect of it.
Copyright Soren Serrano, Creative Designer 2010

A different kind of challenge that I am privileged to tackle with is to design a single logo that will be applied to different products but should look unified and uniform. The reason behind the rationale is the fact that the main base ingredient is from a single source, that is Mulberry. The logo is actually a four-product application. I created a Product Name Logo and a Mulberry Tree Icon that will appear prominently in all packaging designs.
This is the Product Name Logo.

Health & Neutraceuticals series
A company logo makeover. Changing the logo do create new excitement and movement for the products, company and the clients.
I created many design makeover for this local Naturopathy company.

Project Logos | Real Estate Development Series
Copyright 2009 Soren Serrano, Creative Designer

How do you design a logo? Of course a design brand questionnaire is a must. It must be filled out completely as possible.
But how do you design it, do you based the design on the implied meaning of the logoname? or do you take into account the character of the product, place or the company? Of course we need to. But what should be given priority between the two?

This was the dilemma that I faced when I designed the above project logo. The logo as the name implies is a place, a location.
Yes it is a project name of a real estate development. The location is situated at mountainside, where the sun rises on the other side and sets down on the other side of the mountain, with the other half of the mountain range providing a beautiful backgdraft to the project site.

The name is signifying a 'mountain breeze'.
Doing a quick wiki research, Brisa is Spanish or Portugese term for a north-easterly 'wind' which blows on the coast of South America or a north-easterly monsoon in the Philippines. The project name was apt because the development happens up north. Therefore, based on the initial information that I've gathered, I started to design the logo with the emphasis on the 'Brisa' or 'wind' or maybe a breeze.

But before the final presentation of the shortlisted designs to the client, they requested me to travel to the project site to do an on-site photography as the preparation of the marketing material is next in line. I spent the whole morning until about 3 in the afternoon in the site lingering, 'inhaling' and 'feeling' the place, taking notice of the persona and character of the location. From time to time a gentle blow of a soft wind would sway the needles of the pine trees and spread the aroma of its matured barks. But the defining event is the appearance of fogs that envelops the whole place for about 10 minutes or so for every two hours that the half of the mountain range looks floating everytime they appear. I confirmed the phenomenon with the local people. And the Brisa? rarely.

When I returned from the site, I scratched the designs I already made and start on a new one incorporating my actual experience with the place. Here, a mirror-like effect is created to mirror the appearance of fogs that characterizes the whole place perenially. And the half-piece of the mountain in green slice. The result? The client didn't like it. It did not make the cut. Maybe a case of wrong naming their project?

I don't know, maybe. So how do you design a logo, What defines it? Is it on the name or the character?

Project Logos | Real Estate Development Series
Copyright 2008 Soren Serrano, Creative Designer

Mountain House Residences | Logo Study
Real Estate Development companies constantly need project logos. This is one of them.

LandSmith Property Management Corporate Logo : Final
A month-long process created by Creative Designer Soren Serrano.
The Logo has been applied to their Letterhead, Business Cards and other collaterals.

LandSmith Property Management | Logo Study 2

LandSmith Property Management | Logo Study 1


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